Subsidies for Green Energy Savings in the Czech Republic

The New Green Savings Programme of the Ministry of the Environment is administered by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic and is one of the most effective programmes in the Czech Republic focused on energy savings in family houses and apartment buildings.

It supports the reduction of the energy intensity of residential buildings (complex or partial thermal insulation), construction of houses with very low energy intensity, environmentally friendly and efficient use of energy sources and renewable sources of energy (RES).

The main objective of the programme is to improve the state of the environment by reducing the production of pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions (in particular CO2 emissions). The aim of the programme is to achieve energy savings in final consumption and to stimulate the Czech economy with other social benefits, such as improving the quality of housing of citizens, improving the image of towns and villages, starting up long-term progressive trends.

The New Green Savings Programme supports:

  • Renovation of family houses and apartment buildings (thermal insulation of facade, roof and ceiling, replacement of windows and doors)
  • Construction of family houses and apartment buildings in so-called passive standard (passive houses)
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
  • Green roofs
  • Use of heat from waste water
  • Controlled ventilation systems with heat recovery (recuperation)
  • Replacement of heat sources for heat pumps, biomass boilers …

The New Green Savings Programme is funded by revenues from the sale of EUA (European Union Allowance) and EUAA (European Union Aviation Allowance) units.

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