A Multicriteria Decision Support Approach for Evaluating Highly Complex Adaptive Reuse Plans

How to handle an environmental/urban decision problem with many alternatives and the presence of several interdependent criteria? A new paper by Francesca Abastante, Salvatore Corrente, Salvatore Greco and Isabella Lami proposes an integrated MCDA (Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding) approach illustrated by the comparison of alternative projects for the reuse of a large abandoned thermoelectric power plant in Italy.

The starting point is a profound transformation of the entire energy system currently underway in Italy. Indeed, while until some years ago few large power plants produced energy for the whole country, today, small, renewable plants, widespread throughout Italy, are giving shape to a new, more distributed model of energy generation. This is framed in a radical change in the concept of energy production following the energy and ecological transition which aims at guiding towards sustainable and efficient production models. Consequently, the need to recover and enhance the buildings is emerging and requires a specific attention to effectively handle this peculiar environmental, economic and urban problem.

Here is the link to the publication: https://www.inderscienceonline.com/doi/abs/10.1504/IJMCDM.2022.124769

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