Biennale Tecnologia

Politecnico di Torino presents, in synergy with local players, a permanent biennial event dedicated to technology’s decisive impact on each aspect of human life – from health to environment, from interpersonal relationships to democracy: Biennale Tecnologia.

Biennale Tecnologia is a wide-ranging event that offers to the citizenry an articulated, inclusive and accessible reflection on the increasingly relevant issue of the relationship between technology and society. The discussions focus on the environmental, ethical, social, economic and geopolitical implications of major technological issues such as artificial intelligence, energy, transports and telecommunications.

The program includes lessons, debates, workshops and exhibits with international guests, with a strongly interdisciplinary approach.

Among the events, some can be linked to some topics in the LOTUS project, in terms of sustainability and energy transition, such as “Technology as man’s ally for environmental protection”, “Present and future of energy”, “From the beginning to the future: a history of innovation and sustainability”, “Critical materials for the energy transition”, and many others. See more here:…/programma-principale.

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