SPATIONOMY 2.0 – Spatial Exploration of Economic Data

The SPATIONOMY 2.0 project is aiming at designing games for exploring economic data using spatial data insights. Similarly to the LOTUS project, gamification is a crucial part for creating learning tools for students and other players.

The SPATIONOMY 2.0 project aims to innovate the way of teaching about the distinct field of economics, business, geoinformatics and geography, all encompassed by game studies, via modern methods of informal teaching (gamification and playful education) and virtual telecollaborative techniques. The project tackles the issue of learning-by-doing by playing a serious and scientifically based simulation game. This game-based learning transforms traditional means of higher education classes into innovative, creative learning environments in which all participants (teachers and students) will be engaged in solving real-world issues through gaming scenarios.

The project also aims to share best practice across disciplinary and national boundaries. The project will encourage to develop deep interdisciplinary cooperation and research sharing among the involved institutions in the field of geoinformatics/geography, economics/business and game studies.

The project results are summarised in a Springer open access book available at

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