Use Case: Sustainable Energy Saving Solutions in Kuldiga Municipality, Latvia

Kuldiga municipality (in Latvian – Kuldīgas novads) is located in the middle of a vast and very sparsely populated (12.6 people/km2) traditional agricultural and forestry region of Courland (in Latvian – Kurzeme) of Republic of Latvia (hereinafter – Latvia, population -1.89 million).

The middle-size (population – 10,710 people) historical regional town of Kuldiga (in German – Goldingen) is the administrative, service, education, medical and cultural center of the municipality, forming a synergistic link between the municipality’s 20 parishes, people and infrastructure.

Since 2007, in the Kuldiga municipality a number of activities with an energy efficiency or energy saving component was implemented. For case studies analysis, the most typical implementations are selected: simplified renovation of multi-apartment building at Grants street 29 in Kuldiga, sustainable renovation of the administrative building “Atvasites” in Mežvalde, Rumba parish and Kuldiga biomass wood-chip cogeneration power plant at Stacijas street 6 in Kuldiga.

“The green deal” for Latvian households has become relevant precisely because of steep (unavertable) rise of gas and energy prices. However, Latvian society’s (also in Kuldiga municipality) support for renewable energy implementation is still more skeptical rather supportive.

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